Eric Benson Taylor
Film Producer | Compuser

Eric Benson Taylor

A Film is a Petrified Fountain of Thought. – Jean Cocteau



City As Canvas:Above The Free Walls

A visual adventure through a hidden alley where people are free to express their creativity with graffiti, unfolding the stories behind these ephemeral creations.

Turning The Page

A documentary film about a bookstore as it closes its doors after twenty years in Central Square, its search for a new location, and of the significance of remaining in Cambridge.

Screenings & Distribution

Human beings share the same common problems. A film can only be understood if it depicts these properly.                                                                                                        – Akira Kurosawa

Eric Benson Taylor

is a film producer, screenwriter, and music composer. He is the producer of the City as Canvas: Above the Free Walls, Turning The Page and Art In Public, and a multi-instrumentalist who has released music as The Dystopian Rhythms & performed on global stages from Paris to Belgrade, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco.